Candelaria Design Tours

Candelaria Style is not just about the homes we design, it's the lifestyle and way of living we are striving to enhance. Whether a new home or a remodel our job is to take your daily experience of living in your personal environment to the highest level. From cooking, dining, sleeping, exercising, entertaining, traveling, or gardening - all are embodied, experienced or relived in our homes. When designing a home, we are not just thinking about a floor plan, we are thinking of a life plan. How can you design a home for a client that enhances their life if you are not experiencing and living a life yourself that you can share and collaborate with your client. The Candelaria Team lives life and understands the underlying reason for creating a home  - it's about creating an elevated way of living. Enjoy these images of our homes, our drawings, our sketches, our clients, our travels, our cooking and dining, our lives and our experiences - the Candelaria Style! 

Spain 2019: Barcelona

Spain 2019: La Sagrada Família

Spain 2019: Devour Tours

Spain Tour 2018

Italy Tour 2018