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Christmas in Roma 2015

Felice Anno Nuovo or Happy New Year to you all! Thanks for all the posts and visits to our blog! It has been quite a year that is for sure.  I am looking forward to a fantastic 2016.

We have been going strong over here in Italy as you can tell I have not had time to blog. Add to that I caught Bella’s cold and so I’m fighting that now too… but who is complaining. She is feeling better so I'm hoping I'm right behind her on the recovery mode. 

We finished up our time in Rome with a very quiet Christmas Day – I don’t think any of us moved until about 2 pm. Tiffany and I then went for a bite on the street across the from Colosseum right down the street from our hotel. I enjoyed a delicious fish stew and we met a nice couple from Washington and Canada who were enjoying their first trip. So interesting to listen to their perspectives, their apprehensions, and their discoveries. It all reminded me of my first trips to Italy….it has all become so familiar now.

After our quick “lunch” we took a nice walk across Rome towards the Spanish Steps – which are currently under restoration. I love just strolling and listening to the Italian language in the background. The weather was fantastic….chilly but with the sun out and no wind it felt like Christmas. We made our way past the Trevi Fountain and then onto the Spanish Steps. I love this part of Rome with its beautiful shops and restaurants. After walking and shopping for another hour or two Tiffany and I stopped for another quick bite and a glass of vino.

We rendezvoused with Isabel and the girls later, worked in a little Flashdance by Dad, and enjoyed the quietness of Rome on Christmas Day.