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Welcome to our Podcast Inspiring Living with Mark Candelaria! As an architect, blogger, traveler, chef, father, husband, and founding partner of an architecture firm specializing in high end residential architecture, Mark has designed timeless homes across the country for nearly forty years, while hosting tours to Italy, Spain, and now Napa. Throughout the course of this wonderful journey, Mark has met wonderful people who truly Inspire him!  Our weekly podcast is about all the opportunities that are right there in front of us to Inspire Living! Yes, we will talk about architecture and design, but every week we will introduce you to a wide gamut of guests and we will venture into all sorts of topics that will inspire you, teach you, and motivate you to Inspire Living every day.

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Isabel Dellinger-Candelaria - Making of an Interior Design Career and Battling Cancer

Our Premier Podcast will feature Isabel Candelaria, Interior Designer and wife of Candelaria Design founding partner, Mark Candelaria. She will discuss the making of her career, what’s happening at her studio Earth and Images, her life, and her battle with and surviving cancer.


September 23, 2019 - Join our Podcast from our Candelaria Design Tour Italy - Cooking away in Umbria!

We will treat you to morning coffee from the porch of our Umbrian Farmhouses on our 16th Candelaria Design Tour Italy. Join us as we share stories from 20 years of our tours and what’s happening on this year’s tour.


September 30th, 2019 - Light it up with Lighting Designer - Walter Spitz

Enjoy this podcast of the most well known lighting designer, our good friend, Walter Spitz as we explore the lighting industry, our travels, and the life and times of Wally.

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