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Candelaria Style is not just about the homes we design, it's the lifestyle and way of living we are striving to enhance. Whether a new home or a remodel our job is to take your daily experience of living in your personal environment to the highest level. Cooking, dining, sleeping, exercising, entertaining, traveling, or gardening - they are all embodied, experienced or relived in our homes. When designing a home, we are not just thinking about a floor plan, we are thinking of a life plan.

The Candelaria Team lives life and understands the underlying reason for creating a home  - it's about creating an elevated way of living. Candelaria Design Tours are all about exploring other ways of life and bringing those practices into your home. Enjoy these videos of our travels that involve plenty of food, fun, culture, architecture and ways of living that will leave you inspired! 

Spain 2019: Barcelona

Spain 2019: La Sagrada Família

Spain 2019: Devour Tours

Spain Tour 2018

Italy Tour 2018