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The Scottsdale architectural firm of Candelaria Design Associates is one of the premier luxury residential architecture firms in the country. Enjoy our blog which features our work, our travel, our recipes, wines, tips on design and decorating, and the lives of our clients and employees, etc.....its all the ingredients for the Candelaria Design Lifestyle. Contact Candelaria Design to start your dream residence 602-604-2001!

Welcome to the Candelaria Design Blog


Welcome to the Candelaria Design Blog. Although we are a nationally recognized residential architecture design firm our goal with every home is not to just produce a set of plans but to create a setting, a stage, a home that enhances our clients' lives. Thus this blog will celebrate all the wonderful experiences that hopefuly are enhanced through our homes. We hope to share with you interesting thoughts, reflections, and ideas on design, food, travel, and simply living. We hope you share your thoughts, ideas, recipes, wines, etc. with all of us. Have fun and enjoy!

Summer is here and for those of us in Phoenix it is the time of year we simply try to blot out of our mind or we constantly focus on where to escape from the 100º plus heat that stays many times until Halloween. I try to divide my summer time between my home and office in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho and of course my office in Phoenix. I find the mountain air, blue waters, and cool nights of Lake Coeur d'Alene very restful and inspirational. I am able to both work and spend invaluable time with my wife and girls as they grow up. I've created some of my best designs while working in my CDA office alcove looking over the lake. We've met wonderful people here, enjoyed the Farmer's Market and all of the fresh produce, and just the casual atmosphere and natural beauty of the Inland Northwest.

Over the course of the summer we will bring you writings, photos, recipes, and whatever other interesting discoveries from me and my associates which we feel will enhance your life.