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September Morn - Arrivederci Phoenix

We leave in 4-1/2 hours and just buttoning up the last details. Did I get everything done I had! The hours just flew by and I can't believe I'm down to two hours from my pick up. We switch planes in Philadelphia so I can get more done on the flight from Phoenix to Philly.... see how this works. Those that know me well know I never stop, but I will TRY to relax on this trip and enjoy the pace of Italian life. Three hours of sleep last night so I should be able to sleep very easily on the flights to Italy. Shoot - I have one more sketch I need to get done.......scan and email from the airport!

There is nothing more magical than boarding the plane in Arizona with our familiar brown everywhere, flying across our country, then flying over the ocean and watching it get dark and almost as quickly getting light again to the western shores of Europe. Looking out the window you can tell you have been transported to a whole new world. Little villages, beautiful churches, the pattern of tile roofs, small winding roads, it's just different and you can then feel the anticipation of the dream you are about to be a part of.

Well, I need to run, finish packing, get Tiffany (my daughter who is joining me on the trip this year) up and moving and get this show on the road. Looks like we will beat Hurricane Earl to the east coast so Arrivederci Phoenix - we are outta here!