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September 2011 Blog - Candelaria Design Update

London - Picadilly Circus
September 2011 - Candelaria Design Update

Rendering - New Residence in Arcadia on the boards!
Well by my lack of blogging I guess you can tell we’re getting busier! I’m still cautiously optimistic that this blip in activity will take hold and possibly the ship is slowly turning in the right direction despite some of our politicians best efforts to sink the ship.

We have been blessed with some wonderful new projects consisting of a number of new homes both here in Arizona, as well as California and Idaho and many renovations and remodels. We are also seeing a lot of our good friends from Canada and we are really enjoying working with them. So hopefully, the pendulum is starting to swing back in the positive direction. It’s amazing how far the pendulum swung both ways over the last ten years. It would sure be nice to see some slow, steady growth without the mass exuberance in one direction or the utter despair in the other.
Interior framing details on house underway in

New Home under construction on Hayden Lake, ID

PR & Press

In terms of Candelaria Design, there are some great things happening! We have had several projects published in the last few months including the cover feature in the June 2011 issue of Phoenix Home & Garden Magazine. This project spearheaded by Project Manager, Lisa Mallas Matthews, features an amazing renovation / remodel of a tract home in McCormick Ranch into and eclectic Old World casa showcasing the amazing antiques and treasures collected through the years by our client. I love this project and especially the clients we worked with – I have worked with them for years on a number of projects and they are truly amazing people. I was then excited to see the project featured again in the September issue and once again it made the cover!

Stay tuned also for the November issue of Phoenix Home and Garden Magazine, as one of our homes will be featured in the Dream Homes Extreme Tour to be held on November 6th. Tickets are limited and can be purchased on line at
Check this home out on the Extreme Tour - Nov 6!

LEED Certifications 

Zona Verde Residence, Paradise Valley

We also have received LEED Certification on two of our projects both constructed by Desert Star Construction . The first is the El Chorro Renovation in Paradise Valley which received a Gold Certification and is the first restaurant in Arizona to receive a LEED certification. Then the Zona Verde Residence which consisted of several structures, the Main Residence is Certified LEED, the Guest House received Gold, and the Caretaker’s home received Platinum. Furthermore, both projects have now been awarded finalists in the National Gold Nugget Awards for 2011 and we ultimately received the 2011 National Gold Nugget Grand Award for the Zona Verde Residence for the Best Custom Home over 6500 sf. Great job by Project Architect, Jeffrey Kramer, AIA on both of these projects along with Vallone Design, Berghoff Design  and Creative Designs in Lighting
El Chorro
Team CDA
Speaking of my staff, I am so proud of how my team has stuck together during these trying times in our industry. The national unemployment rate for architects reached a peak of 70% during this recession. I am proud to say we are still a ten person firm with what I am sure is the best, most qualified team out there. Three members have been with me over ten years and everyone has been with me at least if not close to five years. I’m also fortunate to have a very capable and hard working administrative support team including Evelyn Jung, who runs the show, Meara McHugh Perrin – who runs the front desk and is handling our marketing, and Dianne Kleber who is our utility player and does whatever we need to help get the job done! All of us are committed to our adage of “Inspiring Excellence”.

I also want to congratulate my associate, Braden Santarcangelo and his new wife Linda Giordano on the birth of their new little girl who came into the world on September 8th.  We are very happy for them and wish them all the best.

Italy Trip 2012

Villa Piazzano - Tuscany
Brunch at Villa Piazzano - Candelaria Design Italy Trip
The Candelaria Design Italy Trip is a go for 2012! We have had great interest thanks to our Candelaria Design Italy Trip 2010 Facebook Page (800 fans and counting) and we are excited for our 9th trip which will depart Phoenix on May 30, 2012 and return on June 12th. See our Facebook Page at for more details on the cost and itinerary. Prior blog postings also go into more detail from our 2010 Trip. I’m taking 12-14 travelers and I know this will fill up fast – so call Meara and book your reservation. We will have a great group going, and in addition to Florence, Tuscany and Umbria, we will be hitting the coast and Portofino.  I am looking forward to the adventure once again.

Wrap Up

Hope's Window and Door Factory
Jamestown. NY
Speaking of traveling, in June made a trip to Jamestown, New York and the Hope’s Window and Door Company,  to learn more about their product and review several projects we have underway with them. It was a very informative trip coordinated by our good friends at Sienna Custom Windows and Doors . Later that same month I was off to visit the Crittal Window and Door Company,  in the UK to check out their product along with my client and builder, John Schultz of Schultz Development Company, . This was a wonderful trip coordinated by our friends at Roadrunner Glass . As they say, its all in the details and when striving for a great look and unique finish there is only one way to do it and that’s to engage the entire team in the process including the vendors and craftsmen executing the work. I love this process and the pride everyone brings to the table.
Crittal Window & Door Co. - England

South bank of the Thames - London

Well that’s the latest. So be looking for more blogs, more updates, and more postings. Plenty brewing and some wonderful projects on the boards and under construction – we thank you ALL for the support and referrals and thanks for following us on Facebook

St. Paul's  Cathedral - London