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July 2012 - Candelaria Design Update - Tour Italy 2012

Well that was a fast first half of the year! We have been very busy at Candelaria Design and we are very excited with everything that is happening.

First and foremost we are getting reedy for our Candelaria Design Tour Italy 2012!!! We have a great group going this year from clients, to vendors, to some Candelaria Design fans who all share the intrigue of Italy! We do have two spots still open for this trip and with our departure of August 22nd - you still have time to join us. This is our ninth tour and my 12th trip to Italy so we have sifted through a lot to make this the best experience of several remarkable places and aspects of Italy.

The trip runs $6k per person as a couple and $7650 as a single traveler - however, I do have a single traveler and a couple others wanting to come at the couple rate so if you are thinking of joining us let me know and we can pair you up. The cost covers your round trip coach airfare, hotels, country houses, rental car, cooking class, and wine tour, and a few of our special dinners during the trip. If you have miles or want to upgrade your airfare we will credit the coach price against your total cost. We accept, VISA, MC and AMEX so you can earn miles with your miles!

If you have never been to Italy - this is the trip to spread your wings and test the water because everything is taken care of and arranged - you just show up. We depart Phoenix on August 22nd, and we currently have travelers coming from LA and South Carolina so your starting and ending location is not an issue. We arrive in Florence on August 23rd and spend three days and two nights in this fabulous city of the Renaissance. We kick things off while in Florence with an amazing 6 course dinner at the Villa San Michele designed by no other than Michelangelo himself.

We then grab our rental cars and drive to our country house compound in Umbria. We spend 7 days in this beautiful corner of Italy and use our country compound as our base to explore Umbria and Tuscany. We kick off our country adventure with a fabulous brunch at the Villa Piazzano in Tuscany. From Assisi, Deruta and Perugia in Umbria to Montepulciano, Montalcino, Cortona, Siena, San Gimignano and Arezzo in Tuscany we cover a lot of ground all guided by me personally. Our time in Umbria includes a cooking class right in the kitchen of our country compound and a wine tour that is always first class and most informative. We coordinate the shipping of all of your purchases along the way.

We then end the trip by driving across Tuscany and up the coast to Santa Margherita, Portofino, and the Cinque Terre where we will spend a couple days enjoying this most picturesque part of Italy. We return to Phoenix on September 4th.

People ask me all the time why I do this....??? Well, because it is the one place that has inspired me more than any place I have ever been. Of course I love the architecture, style, food, and wine but what I really love is the way of life and how the Italians relish and thrive on just living. Enjoying everything from a fabulous dinner with family and friends to just savoring a cappuccino one-on-one with a good friend in a piazza watching life walk by.  It is that simple and it is something I try and bring back with me each time I go. I never get tired of it and I love returning to the same areas each time, learning more and meeting more people who have all become wonderful friends over the years.

I love sharing this trip and adventure with my friends here in the US - especially those who have never been to Italy or Europe. It is a life changing experience for everyone who has come. I have had many return with me including a couple on this year's trip. I have had a couple buy a house right down the street from where we stay in Umbria and to this day still have a townhouse in Cortona.

I encourage you to join us and round out our trip. If you are in the design/construction industry or a vendor the trip is total research and it will definitely have a positive impact on your business! Call us for details and book with us now. A special thanks to those going this year and those who have traveled with us in the past. You know what I am talking about. Our Pre-Trip party is set for this Thursday, July 12th, at 6pm at our office. If you are thinking about it this year or even in the future or if you are a past traveler, you are more than welcome to join us. RSVP to our office at 602-604-2001 and share in the fun and anticipation by liking our Candelaria Design Tour Italy Facebook page at