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Candelaria Design Tour Italy - Day 2 - The Endless Journey

I think this is day 2 - but we never ended day 1 so I'm not sure what day it is or where we are. I know we have been traveling now for 24 hours! Everyone is going with the flow but frankly Delta has some issues! First we had to switch planes in Atlanta as the hydraulic system and landing gear were faulty. So with the two hour delay there we missed our connecting flight in Amsterdam where I am now writing to you.

Now they are rerouting us through Paris but our flight here in Amsterdam is now delayed due to our jet not arriving on time! It looks like we will now be missing our connecting flight in Paris and hence not getting to Florence this evening. We won't know our fate for sure until we get to Paris. I suppose if I am going to be stuck some place, Paris is not a bad choice.

So we have been catching some sleep here in Amsterdam and mixing in a little champagne....not a bad combo for jet lag. We have been trying to get a direct flight to Florence but our bags are headed to Paris and we have to follow our bags due to security issues. Well, we will carry on and see where this Day 1 / Day 2 adventure leads us!  Stay tuned!