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Candelaria Design Projects win 2013 ASID Awards

As I am flying over some of those “flyover states” on our way to New York it gave me a little time to put together a quick blog to congratulate three ASID Interior Designers we have had the recent pleasure to work with on a couple Candelaria Design projects that were just awarded several ASID Awards a couple weeks ago.

First, is our wonderful commercial project, Julia Baker Confections, at the Biltmore Fashion Square, that received a first place award for best commercial retail project, by the talented, Claire Ownby of Ownby Design! This retail space project was featured in our Valentine’s Day Blog of this year We were hired right before Labor Day 2012 and the store was open and ready for the Holidays just a couple month’s later. The store was built by Schultz Development and was coordinated in my office by the talents of Vivian Ayala and Timothy Mathewson. I encourage you to go enjoy the fabulous wine and chocolate bar and the fabulous interiors of this space!

Second, congrats go out to Angelica Henry of Angelica Henry Design, who received an ASID Award for the best home over 6500 sf for her work on this Candelaria Design home in Carefree. This project was a remodel and as you can see from the before and after it truly was a complete makeover. Angelica worked closely with the clients to take a very vanilla, southwest style home that was not capturing the views and was lacking punch and style, and collaborated with us to transform the home into a contemporary, rustic, open space that embraces the outdoors.  The home was constructed by J. Andrew Development and was spearheaded by our Project Manager, Timothy Mathewson. 

Finally, the third and final award winner this year was Holly Asher of EST EST who received an ASID Award for the Charles Residence which also was a remodel in the Biltmore Estates. Holly collaborated in the rebirth of this wonderful 3000 sf patio home that was also lacking life and attention. The rear yard was uninviting and the pool area was abandoned.  The plan was opened up, rich materials were introduced and the rear yard was completely overhauled including the addition of a fantastic Cabana space that punctuates the exterior space. The home was remodeled and renovated by Schultz Development and was the handiwork of our Project Manager, Robert Vieracker.

I cannot express the difference in quality we see in a project with a qualified and talented Interior Designer than a project without one. An interior designer offers an objective perspective, a plethora of resources at hand and a huge date base of experience with which to draw upon. I always see the value of assembling the entire team, even on small projects – architect, builder, interior designer and landscape architect – where everyone works in concert. The key is to assemble that team early in the process so that every member of the team is equally engaged and communication is open and encouraged among the entire team.

These awards also show the trend toward smaller spaces and the importance good design is for these smaller spaces. People want smaller spaces but they want them well designed and thought out with all the bells and whistles that were in the larger homes.  I love this trend and we are all excited to live smarter, smaller and better!

Stay tuned for thoughts, photos and recommendations  following my trip to NYC this weekend and our Candelaria Design Tour Italy is just 18 days away!!!