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Architainment ~ Showdown!

I love October! It's my favorite month of the year and of course my birthday is in October! The weather finally starts to change and it is like the whole outside opens up to our enjoyment! Football is starting the second quarter of the season, baseball playoffs are starting, hockey and basketball are getting underway....sports paradise.

And what better way to spend an October evening than at the Scottsdale Showdown on October 19th! See our blog from last week for all the details! Its all for a great cause so please join Isabel and I for some fun!

So - I understand there is a wonderful article about Candelaria Design and my career in the Arizona Republic this morning .

Grab a copy and check it out. First and foremost, I want to thank EVERYONE  who helped me along the way. Especially my mentor, the late George W. Christensen, FAIA, who I had the pleasure to work with for over 18 years! Most people do not know that I never went to architecture school - I was fortunate to be the apprentice of one of the best professors of the ASU School of Architecture - and really learned everything the old fashioned way. I did take and pass all of the exams to get my license back in 1992 - so don't worry I am legal! In any event, there have been so many associates, clients, friends, and of course family that have made all of this possible. It's been quite a ride from driving the trains in Durango, CO to designing  amazing homes now all across the country! Hard work and a lot of luck and you know anything is possible.

Now onto another little project we are involved in - Architainment on The Design Network Our show is about Design and Architecture and making the process of design entertaining. The Design Network is a broadband internet network - so you will not find us on TV, however by being on a broadband channel we are always available and anyone in the world can access us!  We are excited to showcase our work, our trips, our clients, builders, vendors, and friends. We really want to show people that some of the amazing ideas, concepts, and the way people live in many of our multi-million homes can be incorporated in the design and lifestyle of a 1500 sf condo - and we want to do this in an entertaining way.

We have been filming the last two weeks and have really been having some fun filming all phases of the design process from an initial client meeting on their lot to cooking with a client in their brand new home and then everything in between! I want to thank everyone who has agreed to participate and we are doing our best to get as many of you involved. We are committed to five shows this fall and then we will see if they pick us up for the spring season! SO we will need a lot of viewers so make sure you subscribe!!!

In two weeks Isabel and I will head to Highpoint, NC for the market and the gathering of all of The Design Network stars for some parties, filming and kicking off the fall season! It should be a lot of fun, a great opportunity for all of us to meet, connect, and of course cross market. Our first episode of Architainment is scheduled to premiere towards the end of October and our banner page will be posted soon. So stayed tuned - we are going to have some fun!