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2013 Scottsdale Charro Ride

It's that time of the year again for the Scottsdale Charro Ride. I went on my first ride some 8 years ago and I have to say it is one of my favorite things to do all year. It is definitely something out of my normal day-to-day world; riding horses, sleeping under the stars, and hanging out with 140 other "cowboys" for 4 days out in the middle of nowhere! I love it!

This year the ride is on the Babacomori Ranch south of Sonoita, AZ - which is southeast of Tucson and not far from the Mexican border. My good friend and past client, Dave Sabow, is putting the whole ride together. What a job-from coordinating all aspects of the ride from horses, food, booze, buses, etc., etc. its amazing how an open field in the dessert or forest can be transformed in a couple of days to, literally, a town! We even have a heated shower trailer... yes we do rough it but can you imagine four days and nights on horses without a heated shower?

Many people only know the Scottsdale Charros through our involvement at Scottsdale Stadium and the spring training for the San Francisco Giants and our revered Charro Lodge. But over the eight years I have been involved, I can say that it is very eye opening as to what our group does to support the community. Among the most notable accomplishments of the Scottsdale Charros is our dedication and support of excellence in education. For over 50 years, the Charros have provided time and financial support to athletic programs, parent-teacher organizations and the faculty of each school in the Scottsdale Unified School District. Recognizing the importance that education plays in the community's future, the Charros annually award college scholarship funds to two Scottsdale high school seniors who are pursuing a degree in education.

The ride is a total blast and always brings our group and guests together! Something about riding horses, smoking cigars, drinking whiskey out in the boonies is just damn good for a guy! I know i sure love it. From the pines and mountains of Greer to the saguaros of the Superstition Mountains, it has allowed me to visit and experience parts of this state I would have never seen otherwise! The laughs, the falls, the card games, the horseshoes, the meals and of course the day our wives and girlfriends arrive it all makes for a memorable and unique experience.

So I appreciate all the support we are given by the community. From those of you who just attended the Scottsdale Showdown, to those that come out to our Spring Training games we thank all of you!