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Christmas in Santa Fe 2013 - Breakfast Picks

Well as you all know, I love food! And what better places to get some amazing food than Santa Fe, New Mexico. Here is a quick list of some Breakfast stops on your next trip there. Tomorrow we will do  my lunch recommendations and then dinner.


Cafe Pasqual's

We had a wonderful breakfast here, but be prepared to wait. This is a small place, it only seats 50, and there was a line every day!  Right across from the Saint Francis Hotel, Pasqual's is definitely authentic New Mexican cuisine. The historic pueblo-style adobe has a lovely Santa Fe style dining room lined with hand-painted Mexican tiles and murals by the renowned Mexican painter Leovigido Martinez. I went with the Huevos Rancheros and was not disappointed. Also - try the Mexican Hot Chocolate - that was a good warmer upper on a cold Christmas Eve.

They have several great cookbooks and here is the link to them so you can order them right here on line.

The Plaza Cafe 

See the blog from Christmas Day for a quick review of the Plaza Cafe. Again, I ordered the menudo and was not disappointed. This tasted just like Grandma Rose's menudo. See our recipe for this authentic holiday traditional New Mexican soup on the Christmas Day blog.

Tia Sophia's

This was probably my favorite breakfast. Again, another small place….everything in Santa Fe is small… so be prepared to stand in line. This is definitely a local spot which is always a good sign. I had the Atrisco Chile stew with an egg on top and a side of potatoes and of course a tortilla. Absolutely, perfect - warm, hearty and very tasty. Again, this is a dish Granda Rose would have given a thumbs up.