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Candelaria Design Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas to you all! Whether Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu or whatever….Merry Christmas. The Candelaria Design crew wish all of you a wonderful Holiday season!

Just a few tidbits to post this week as we prepare for the final weeks of 2013! First – thanks to ALL of my wonderful staff. What a great year and what wonderful creations we have underway, both under construction and on the boards. If I stop to check we probably have over 80 projects going in some manner. Projects here in Phoenix, Michigan, Nevada, Colorado, Texas, California, and New Mexico. What fun and what little sleep I get!

Of course I need to thank all of our wonderful clients who make all of this happen. We are working with so many absolutely fantastic people who dream as big as we do and then make it happen. You all inspire me and I love the energy and beauty we create together. 
Next, I really want to thank all the builders and designers we are so fortunate to work for. I wish I had a project for every builder and designer I knew – trust me I really try to share and spread my work around. I know we appreciate ALL of the referrals and I hope we do our best to make you proud you did refer us.

Next, the vendors and subs! You are all great and I have developed so many fun friendships with many of you. I think Phoenix is blessed with some amazing craftspeople. In the 30 years plus I have been practicing, the level of work and creativity just keeps growing and growing all serving to make Phoenix a more beautiful city filled with art and architecture. Just wait what is in store in the years ahead. You all inspire me.

Next, the realtors! Love you all and thanks for letting us help you and for your referrals. It’s so appreciated. From empty lots to selling a completed or resold Candelaria Design home and referring the new buyer to us – we cannot tell you what it means to us. I love the Candelaria clients that have bought and sold each others Candelaria homes….that is so cool.

Next, my family! You put up with my meetings, drawing all hours of the day and mostly night, phone calls and texts from clients at 2 am, parties, trips, and the understanding of my love for what I do. I want you to know I appreciate it and I hope you all know I love you all and always want to do more to give back to you.

 Finally, to my sweet Isabel. Isabel and I got married in September on the final day of our Candelaria Design Tour Italy trip. What a day that was. I love this lady and what she has done for me and making my life that much more beautiful. Beauty just flows from her and it’s so nice to be in the aura of that energy and creativity. We are working on a couple fun projects together so get ready for some unveilings in 2014!

Thank you for all the wonderful cigars, wines, gift certificates, popcorn tins and brownies!!! We will be doing the day at St. Mary’s Food Bank right after the first of the year as our way of saying thank you. You are all welcome to join us. We will be setting the date soon so just email us your interest in participating and we will feed thousands in one afternoon!

So – Merry Christmas to you all!  I wish everyone a joyous holiday.

Stay tuned this week as we will post from Santa Fe, New Mexico and share some recipes and photos from this amazing place. We will also recap 2013 and get ready for 2014.