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Architainment - Premier Launch this Wednesday

We finally made it! Our first Episode of Architainment launches this Wednesday, January 15th, on The Design Network!

First - Where do you find it? Ok our show and The Design Network is NOT on TV! So don't go channel surfing trying to find it - you won't. And it's not on a Pay-Per-View! This is a family show!!! You will find it on the internet just like YouTube and NetFlix. Go to The Design Network at  and you will find it there - but not until Wednesday. The nice thing is once launched it is always there and you can watch it any time and as many times as you like!

Second - What is the show about? Architainment is a show about taking the bones of a building and creating  fabulous architecture  and then blending it with entertainment and a way of life….most often a lavish life where dream homes become real.  The Candelaria Design team will unveil some amazing spaces with the intention of creating a lifestyle to be expressed on that stage…that home setting.  So Architainment follows my team and I as we take on the challenges, drama and rich rewards of designing these fantastic spaces where people live, entertain, escape and gather to celebrate and live everyday life the luxury way…. globe trotting the world  to find the inspiration for a room, a getaway,  a party place, oasis, haven or escape…or to create unusual getaways, interesting fantasies or private places.

Episode 1 focuses on  introducing me and my blend of home design and lifestyle with an intention of infusing the Southern European way of life into these creations - from Spain to Italy. The first show also showcases some of our fabulous homes both from the ground to magical aerial footage of several of our homes.  Episode 1 shares my passion for the Italian culture, way of life, and elements of architecture that influence our projects in America and promote entertaining and living richly in the luxurious spaces we create.  Architainment is architecture, design and entertainment all rolled into one piece that creates the cornerstone for good luxury living.  That is Architainment.

Here is a sneak peek!

Architainment is the perfect cocktail mix of beautiful construction and design that provides the backdrop to entertain and live large, (and sometimes small),….really well.  Architainment will provide viewers a sneak peek into a whole new world of high end design -  and the people who populate it.  
Third -  How many Episodes are we doing? We will be doing five (5) episodes in our first season and then hopefully five more in our second season of course if we are well received. Therefore….

Give us Views!!!! 

We appreciate all of your views of our show. We will be featuring many of our projects from Arizona and around the country. We will be featuring our Candelaria Tour Italy trips, many of our cooking extravaganzas, our clients, builders, vendors and my wonderful cast of characters - the Candelaria Design team! Each episode we will be sending an email blast listing all of the builders, realtors, designers and vendors featured in each respective episode. Our clients' privacy is always of utmost importance and we so appreciate their graciousness in allowing us to film and document these wonderful creations of so many of us.

I hope you enjoy the show and use it to show off our work and your work! Share the link and post them on your pages with descriptions of your work. That is the beauty of the internet! You will love the footage! It is fun and I hope it inspires and entertains.

Finally I want to thank several people who were instrumental in making this happen. I like to thank Meara Perrin who as our Marketing Director got the ball rolling with The Design Network this summer. I especially want to thank my team for all the time we invested in this project. Of course thanks goes to our clients who opened up their homes to our cameras. I want to offer thanks to founder and CEO, Jason Harris and The Design Network for their time and investment in Architainment. Last but not least, I want to thank my director, producer and writer, the fabulous Heidi Foglesong! She is flat out amazing and this lady gets the job done. What a talent and what a just flat out cool person to hang out with and collaborate with.

Ok so here we go! Let's have some fun and give us lot's of views and shares this week!!!