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The Move is On & Done!

Ok August went by like a blink of an eye. My last blog was written from Santa Fe on August 10th and here it is September 7th already! Geez…. And I’ve squeezed in a trip to New York and of course the office move! Yes we are all moved – from our offices on 12th Street and Campbell to our new home on the 4th floor at 6900 East Camelback Road right next to Nieman Marcus! How perfect is that ladies! In fact when you leave our office building you have to walk through the Ladies Shoe Department of Nieman Marcus…..

First and foremost, I have to thank in particular my associate and Director of Operations, Evelyn Jung, for spearheading the idea of moving us to Scottsdale. She willed it and made it happen – and trust me it has not been easy! Second, I want to thank my Project Manager, Peter Ekema, who ran the day to day architectural and construction administration side of the project. From coordinating the design (try coordinating the desires and wishes of 12 architects) and drawings to being on site virtually every day during the construction! Great job you two!!!
Of course they shipped me to NYC the week the office was moving so I would be out of the way and the whole CDA team could make the move. That was a smart decision. Thank you!!! After moving my home in July and now the office in August it has been quite the whirlwind – all the while keeping the projects moving! 

But we are there, we are in, and we are loving it! Our clients are loving it – better parking, Scottsdale location, shopping, and restaurants. The AV equipment goes up this week along with our pictures and artwork so it is coming along and soon I’ll be able to have all my presentation tools at my fingertips.

Get ready for our Open House later this Fall! In the meantime, stop by for an espresso and come check us out!