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Candelaria Design Tour Italy 2014 - Arrividerci

Our trip is completed - well for the most part. As I write this I'm flying somewhere over Kentucky or Tennessee and we will all be home in Arizona soon. With a tight connection in Newark, all of us made the connecting flight but two of our travelers whose luggage were the last two bags off the conveyor in Newark, only so we could go through customs and get the bags rechecked, and then go back through security, and then find the gate that seemed to change locations two or three times. It sounds like they are on the next flight and will be home a few hours after the rest of us!

This year I had one three-peat traveler and two repeat travelers. It is always fun to see these travelers evolve from their first trip to the subsequent trips. Not only in their experience and familiarity with all of the little idiosyncrasies of the trip, but to see how their lives have changed and evolved. Just like the trip, you keep moving forward, despite the wrong turns, and right turns - you keep moving forward. Next thing you know you are on a completely different path in life. I love that about this trip and my repeat travelers. They truly are special people to me.

Next year we will finish the trip in Positano, Capri and the Amalfi Coast. This will be my first time to these locations so I'm sure next year's trip will be full of new adventures. We hope to put together a great group of 14-18 travelers for another spectacular journey. Don't wait to sign up - I already have four travelers from this year's trip ready to go!

My 11th Candelaria Design Tour is complete and now it's back to being an architect! We are excited with the projects we have going - with the Villages at Mountain Shadows being one of the main marquis projects currently underway. We have some amazing homes in design and production too including some unbelievable hillside homes, several homes in California and a new one just getting started in Cherry Hills, Colorado!

 The Italy trip always inspires me and so many aspects of the Italian culture and style get infused into both my personal and professional life. From architecture to food, to spending time with friends and family, and making our time at work and with clients more like family - it all gets infused into my everyday way of life! It's so easy to get caught up in the everyday hamster wheel but mixing it up with these little infusions of the Italian culture sure does make life more savory and beautiful.

So get ready - we will do our best to blog regularly and we will post some of the fabulous recipes from the dishes we enjoyed, talk more about the people and places we enjoyed, and go into more depth on design and just living. That's what we really want to focus on is how to all live a bit better! So here we go - stay tuned!