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Dream Room 2014 - We are ALL Winners

Just a quick thank you for all the readers of Arizona Foothills Magazine who selected our Serenity Harbor Dream Room as the Best Overall for the 2014 Dream Room project for the Phoenix Dream Center Hope Wing! We were so fortunate to be approached by Lynda Martin of Camelback Interior Design's to be a part of this project along with John Gurley of RJ Gurley Construction - you and your teams were a joy to work with and always had the can do attitude. What a fun and creative team we were and it looks like we more than achieved our goal! Thank you and congratulations to my Project Manager, Peter Ekema, who did a fantastic job and thanks also to all of the vendors and subs who made this all happen. You are all listed in our June 2014 blog when we first completed the project. June 2014 CandelariaDesignLifestyle Blog You can all be commended for being part of such an amazing cause and project that truly has an incredible impact on these women's' lives.

The stories we heard at this morning's presentation just make you shake your head that these kinds of crimes on humanity take place right here in our community. As a father of three daughters it is just frightening how vulnerable our young ladies are to these absolute scums of the earth who prey on these girls in public places that would shock you. This project makes a difference. The Dream Center gives these victims a place of safety, a place filled with love, discipline, hope and a chance to get their lives and spirits back.

It is through the vision, strength, perseverance, and inspiration of Mark and Chrissy Donnely that The Dream Center is steadily growing into a place of goodness and a landmark center that already is the model for the country. It is an absolute honor to know and work with these two! I am so proud to be a part of this project and I encourage all of you to get behind the 2015 project!