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Congratulate my two new Associates at Candelaria Design

Well in our last blog we looked back at the year that was 2014. Now its time to start looking forward and what better way than to announce the promotion of two long time members of my Candelaria Design Team and Family.

We are starting our 16th year at Candelaria Design and my 33rd year in the business. My goal is to keep Candelaria Design going long after I'm gone and keep the spirit of our homes and design moving ahead with the next generation. I've been blessed with some amazing people who have worked with me over the years but two in particular have earned and deserve their new titles.

And so I am most proud to announce the promotion of Vivian Ayala and Evelyn Jung to the title of Associate. Vivian will head the Design and Production  functions of the firm and Evelyn will head the Business Operations and Development.

Vivian will still run her projects - which if any of you had Vivian as your PM you know why she is getting the promotion! She is amazing and a very dedicated, hard working, just overall wonderful person and soul on this earth. She inspires me every day and is just the best person to be a teammate with. Vivian joined me shortly after I started the firm in 2000 and has been with me over 15 years. She is from Puerto Rico and completed her studies at ASU. I remember she could barely speak English when I hired her but now - wow - she's hard to keep up with. We completed some amazing projects and have some outstanding projects now underway including a new project getting started in Montauk, Long Island, New York!

Evelyn has just completed nine years with me. We found her as a temp for our front desk. After two days in the office it was clear we couldn't let her go! Starting as my assistant, Evelyn quickly absorbed all of the intricacies of our little operation and has now run the show for several years including getting us through the Great Recession - ahhhh that was a fun ride. But here we are now in 2015 and she has us on fire. Evelyn is due to have her second child in March and will take a short leave to attend to her growing family but will return this summer and will transition more into a broader scope of running the business with the focus on overall business operations and business development. As you can tell from the 2014 That's a Wrap Blog, she has full plate keeping up with me! From our Tour Italy to our Television show, Sketch, she will be busy.

The next step for both is full on Principals of the firm with ownership of the company. I plan to make this announcement this time next year! So stay tuned!!! So please congratulate them with an email, Facebook Post or comment here on our blog! They truly deserve the honor.