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Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to you all. This year, Isabel and I are celebrating our 5th Valentine's with our first being at my El Chorro. This year we are keeping it pretty low key with me riding in the Parada del Sol this morning down Scottsdale Road, then we are off to our client's grand opening of Gigi's Playhouse in Scottsdale and then we have a nice dinner reservation at the spot of our first date, Zinc Bistro.

I am so fortunate to have found and fallen in love with my Valentine, my lovely Isabel. Life is funny and I have learned it is simply an adventure and despite your best attempts to plan and control its outcome, you really can't.  As soon as you accept the fact that you just have to have an endless endurance to push forward and have faith that good things lie ahead you just have to embrace the pot holes, hurdles, and detours life throws you and really relish and celebrate those good things when they do finally come your way. Trust me, I have had my share of the potholes.....but I have also had so many absolutely amazing experiences, met so many remarkable people, with my Isabel being the best surprise and gift in my life.

Isabel is my best friend, my lover, and truly my life partner. We have so much fun together including now designing several projects together. I know our clients are enjoying our talents and passion not only for design but each other and the energy we infuse in our projects together. We love to travel - Isabel drives and I navigate, we love to cook with and for each other, and we love just hanging out and reading, playing the piano and enjoying what little downtime we get - trust me - that downtime is really hard to find!

So, thank you Isabel for brining so much joy in my life. Every day is Valentine's Day with you!