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Sketching - Keeping the Art in Architecture at Candelaria Design

Anyone who knows me knows I love to draw and sketch. I think I purposely made the conscious decision to not learn CAD so I would not lose my passion to draw.  I have been drawing buildings, houses and whole cities since I was a small child. My clients love when I draw - it brings the design process alive and makes it an instantaneous adventure that engages and entertains my clients.

I remember when I first started in architecture I was blessed to work for the late George W. Christensen, FAIA who was an amazing sketcher and taught me to sketch upside down! He often had another architect, Bruce Kimball come in and do his quick sketches for projects. The two were amazing and left a lasting impression on me. I loved how clients would be mesmerized by them drawing right in front of them and seeing the details of the project come alive.

I am really saddened how this art seems to be fading and I notice each year the graduates who come in are so agreed towards computer rendering and modeling and I doubt many no longer even own a pencil or sketch pad. I still wonder what an architect does in the field or at a cocktail party - pull out their CAD station???? I have designed and drawn whole bird's-eye  sketches on tablecloths at restaurants with clients, or details and ideas on plywood sheets while out in the field.

We put a real emphasis on hand drawing combined with CAD and 3D Computer modeling. The two together really make a difference. The CAD and 3D modeling, although absolutely amazing and don't get me wrong I love it, when you soften it with the human hand something happens - I think its like making bread from scratch - some love goes into it.  Sketching forces the designer to think and consciously feel every inch of a design. With CAD you are always cutting and pasting large swaths of area and the thought process is just different. We are fortunate at Candelaria Design to have several skilled artists/architects on our staff and we all love to use and express our craft!

I personally feel a house designed with PAD has a totally different feel than a house all done strictly with CAD! One is personal and has spirit - the other tends to be stiff and lack life. At least that's how I see it....and draw it!