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Let's Do New Orleans!

With all the traveling I have done there are still some spots and places in the USA I have never been. One that has been on my bucket list for many years is New Orleans! First of all, I LOVE cajun food and then let's add architecture and how could I have never been here???!!!

Isabel and I have vowed to work in as much travel as we can and instead of being caged up enamor offices to end the month and do all of our paperwork, we are going to bring our paperwork with us and finish the end of the month with a little work and a lot of adventure while traveling and exploring.

As designers I do not know anything that inspires and educates one more than travel. You can peruse through thousands of books, magazines and Pinterest pages and never get the true soul or feeling of full comprehension of a space or place than what traveling does. The sights, sounds, smells and tastes all come together to add further depth and context to the pictures. Nothing beats true 3D.

So this month we packed the paperwork, drawings, billings, timesheet and we are here in New Orleans. The weather is great - 80's and not too humid. I always love coming to the South. The people are so laid back and so polite and nice. Southern hospitality at its best for sure. Thank you everyone for all the great tips - we are exploring as many as we can. We worked all morning and now we are off to explore. We will be here until Wednesday so follow this month's adventure here on our blog and on Facebook and Instagram!

Ok - it's time for some more oysters and gumbo!