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Summer Escapes

We can definitely see it, the summer temps are right around the corner, the kids are winding down their studies and getting ready for summer and of course our clients are also getting ready to flee the 100º + temps and head to their summer getaways.

Each year it seems the new projects come in from January through May and then everyone leaves and its time to work away until everyone returns in September and October. Luckily, with technology, we are able to keep things moving while everyone is away. With GoToMeeting and FaceTime and Skype we keep the meetings and progress going whether the clients are at Martha's Vineyard, the Hamptons,  San Fran, Maui, Laguna, or Paris. And it really doesn't matter where I am as long as we all connect. I love it!

We get so much work done during the summer as clients are busy with their summer pursuits and we can just crank away. I love to work remote simply for the change of scenery and what it does for my creativity. As an architect, I am constantly never stops. My mind is always going, looking, absorbing. After all, there are details and ideas everywhere and when you add a change of scenery it really awakens you.


I also love visiting and meeting with clients while they are away at their summer retreats. Seeing clients in a different setting is so helpful. I see another side of them, and another environment they live in and live in a different manner from their day-to-day home in Phoenix. For some clients its the other way around, their summer home is their main residence so for obvious reasons that is great to see and absorb.

So - where are you escaping to this summer??? Isabel and I are going to escape the Arizona heat for New Orleans and some humidity next weekend. I have never been there and I'm really looking forward to exploring this city. I love cajun food and I understand the architecture is amazing. So stay tuned for some blogging from New Orleans next week. Other thrips this summer include trips to Colorado, Park City, Coeur d'Alene, Laguna, Santa Barbara, New York and Maine....and of course let's finish with our annual Candelaria Design Tour Italy finishing off in Positano and the Amalfi Coast! Sounds like a pretty good summer to me......