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First Half of Year is Done!

Ok - that was a fast first half of the year! We all know the second half will go even faster! 4th of July is right around the corner and hopefully you are all escaping the heat and finding someplace cooler. We will load up the family and hit the road this week.....stay tuned for our adventure.

So a lot has happened in the first six months and we have a lot ready to happen in the second half of the year. The Candelaria Design crew is busy! THANK YOU!!!! Our clients and projects are amazing and it is so true that when you hire our family that is exactly what you are engaging. We approach each project as the creating of not only your home but the creation of a lasting friendship that is so unique simply because we have designed your home and crafted the stage for your life. We understand this and we evaluate every design decision along the way with this in mind. It naturally results in a special bond with our clients that has become the basis and core of my life. It is why I love residential design.

So what's on the boards.....??? Homes on the sides of cliffs requiring dynamite to build the tunnel to get to the home featured as the lead story on the evening news - yes the project is moving forward....the builder just can't use dynamite :-) FOX 10 Story

A new home on the beach in LaJolla, CA. A remodel to a home on the far end of Long Island in Montauk, NY with the view of the beach. A quarter horse breeding ranch with arena, barn, home and guest house on 5 acres. Of course our units at the Village at Mountain Shadows by Cullum Homes is in full gear and now going vertical and we are in design on the units on the west side of 56th Street. We are in design for the new Colten Cowell Memorial Crime Fighting Cave #buildthecave - more to come on this amazing project and how everyone can get involved this September. One of homes will be featured in the upcoming summer issue of LUXE Magazine and the home will be featured this fall in our show Sketch.

Several homes under construction including three on the Paradise Valley Country Club, homes in Desert Mountain, Silverleaf, and throughout Arcadia, Verrado, Scottsdale and Peoria.

My wife Isabel who owns a Home furnishing and Accessory Store and Interior Design Studio,

Earth and Images, has completed her move from the Scottsdale Design Center in north Scottsdale to her new location at the SW corner of Marshall Way and 5th Avenue right in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale. We have several projects both completing and in design with her design studio!

Our 2015 Candelaria Design Tour Italy is sold out along with our September 2016 trip and we are looking at possibly adding a second May 2016 trip. So don't wait to sign up for 2016 or 17. We had our Pre-Trip dinner at Marcellino's and what fun that was. I love kicking the trip off with this dinner. What a fun group we have this year including artists, CEO's, photographers, designers, fashion retailers from NY and folks as far away as Delaware and Oklahoma. Our trip truly has a national draw now. This is our 12th Tour and despite others who claim they do a trip - we really do!

Our second season of Sketch is in production and we are so happy to have our new producer and production company. Kenny "Spanky" Moskowitz and his firm Wedgie Creative is doing a fabulous job. From French Chateaus in Scottsdale, to Rural Mediterranean estates inspired from our Italy trips to mountain and lake lodges and wood boats in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho we will dazzle our viewers with these new episodes! Our second season premieres this September and you can catch all five of our episodes from Season One on The Design Network


Of course we are traveling and cooking, so stay tuned to more of that in the second half. We have a Paella dinner I will be preparing for silent auction winners of the Taste of Asia event we donated to in May. Yes - I know Paella is not Asian, but it was a successful item on the silent auction and I am glad we were able to donate to one of our client's charities.

Ok - I've blogged enough. Sorry I didn't do more in June but we are really busy working day and night. My team is cranking and they have ALL been working extremely hard. They are the BEST!!! Here is to a great second half of 2015 - go for it! So what do you have planned for the second half of 2015? Share your adventures here on our blog!