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Our Final Day in Italy – Day 13 – Candelaria Design Tour Italy 2015

It’s Monday and the final full day in Italy for our travelers. We have been traveling for nearly two weeks and of course making the most out of each day. That’s the underlying message of this trip – try to get the most out of each day….not only on this trip, but in life! I know this group of travelers got that message and have all discovered a new way to travel. Today would be a free day for everyone to enjoy and then we would convene at the end of the day for our farewell meal at our hotel restaurant. 

To start this day, Doray and I got up early and went for a hike to explore Positano without the crowds. As a group of us did when we first arrived in Florence, a hike without the people is the best. No cars, no vespas, no people – it’s a whole different way to experience a place – you won it, it’s all yours. Doray and Phyllis had been doing their own explorations since arriving and so Doray was so excited to show me some of their discoveries. Ok – let me tell you, these two ladies got around! Wow they had done Positano right.

So with our hotel down by the sea there was only one way to go and that was to hike up. So up, up, up we went and we ended up at the Hotel Sirenuse or my translation for heaven! Rated one of the top hotels in Italy it is obvious to see why. Doray gave me the complete tour and what an amazing place. This was definitely worth coming back with Isabel and enjoying lunch. From here we hiked up the hill further for even more spectacular views.

We then made our way back down the hill to the hotel where our travelers were starting to arrive at breakfast. I told Isabel and the Giltners about our discoveries and it was a hike back up the hill to share - of course with a quick stop in the church. See how you get the exercise here! It was only 9 am and so we made arrangements to come back up at 1pm for lunch on the terrace…..yet another hike up the hill for even more exercise. I could enjoy lunch with no guilt!

So back down the hill and Isabel and the Giltners did some shopping, I returned to the hotel for the best nap of the trip with the door open and the sound of the sea, and several of my travelers went back to Capri to do some more exploring.

I awoke from my nap and made my way back up the hill where I met Isabel and the Giltners for our lunch at the Hotel Sirenuse! Good timing once again as the lunch rush had passed so we virtually had the whole terrace to ourselves. The staff was so fun and friendly and our waiter was quite the character but definitely on his game! The food was off the charts amazing – add the spectacular view and what a way to enjoy our final lunch in Positano.

We then went back to get a little packing done and then had made connection with one of our Verrado clients, Dermot and Ursula Carey, whose home we had just completed, built by Steg Custom Homes and decorated by Isabel. They were in Italy celebrating their anniversary and made the time to come over from Amalfi to have an anniversary toast with Isabel and I in Positano. What fun!

Well the trip had come to a close, it was time for our farewell dinner. Some final pictures, shared stories of the adventures of the day, and reminisces of the trip. We went over the details of the early 3 am in the morning departure and then it was time for the goodbyes. 

Ciao Ciao to Positano

Ciao Ciao to Positano