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We have made it to ROMA


We have made it across the pond and are starting the day, all be it at 2pm in the afternoon here in Rome, as everyone went down for a quick power nap! Now I’m trying to get everyone up and of course by the fact I’m blogging you can see how successful I am even with the comment, “Let’s get up, Italy is outside!!!”

You see I have three daughters, ages 10, 13 and 28 and that in itself automatically puts me in the running for a badge of honor. Traveling with two tweens is an adventure and when my oldest, Tiffany age 28 hooks up with these two its definitely gang up on Dad!

This is the first trip officially for Sophia and Isabella. Bella was here when she was 18 months as I brought her on one of my early Candelaria Design Tour Italy trips. It will be fun to compare the pictures from the same spots in Italy some 12 years later. I am so excited to get them out and start showing them around. This is my wife Isabel’s first trip to Rome even though her 5th trip now to Italy. I have been to Rome many times so I am anxious to get out there and get them on one of my power days!!!

Stay tuned, my camera is ready and my wife Isabel, the girls and I have some amazing adventures ahead of us including a private tour of the Vatican tomorrow – Christmas Eve! How good is that????  Ciao