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New York New York

Ok it was 117º yesterday so its time to get out of here! So where to go??? We just came back from Idaho, we spent the 4th in Park City, did a little business in LaJolla., Italy is next month. so where to escape and get some inspiration and some Mark and Is time???? We LOVE NYC. 

So I am typing away at 35,000 feet as we are flying somewhere over the panhandle of Texas on our way to one of my favorite places and cities on earth! Isabel and I make it here at least once if not twice a year for shopping, dining, exploring and discovering. We have come alone and with clients and friends. I love the all the dining tips I receive from clients each year and so we do our best to visit new spots and experience new venues on each trip. We have a couple new ones on our itinerary this trip so stay tuned. 


I love the perspective being in New York gives me. It's so easy to think you are where its at while working away day after day in Scottsdale and then you come to New York and you truly see at least one of the true centers of everything in the world! Just the energy I feel when crossing the Queensboro bridge into Manhattan is electrifying. I truly feel it and love that sense of wonderment each time I come. And it's true - every trip has brought a new and unexpected experience. Again one of the reasons I love travel so much. I guess some guys like to golf or go boating or what have you - mine is travel! 

I will likely snap 300 photos a day from everything as macro as panoramic views of the city, to the micro detail of a cornice or wrought iron rail on a fence or building. It all gets absorbed into the subconscious upon which I can draw upon later. Its the refill of the creative fuel tank. So clients - I'm sorry I do travel so much but it truly does wonders for my creativity I bring to you. With the technology available today its very easy to work on the road. I have my laptop, sketchpad, iPhone, iPad, stylus, and buff paper, and of course my giant wad of pens and scales wrapped with a rubber band always with me. Those of you who know me well, I'm always working and don't sleep much so NYC is perfect for me and provides the visual stimulation I need. 

So Isabel and I have some fun adventures in store for this trip and I have a few surprises for her! Stay tuned this weekend and week ahead and we'll share our explorations. Remember the Candelaria Design Tour Italy departs in just a little over a month from now on September 16th. Follow that journey right here on our blog. Stay cool in AZ guys!