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Candelaria Design French Inspired Arcadia Masterpiece Sold

This month one of my favorite Candelaria Design homes sold and has changed hands and a new homeowner will now live in this fairytale. This home designed and built over ten years ago is still one of my best and has become one of my iconic marquis homes.

I think what I love most is the friendships that evolved from the creation of this home. This home, known by many as “The Powell Residence” was the inspiration of our client and original homeowner, Shane Powell. He started the project with builder, Nancy Brunkhorst, of Nance Construction who then recommended our firm to Shane. I remember the first meeting at his existing home in Arcadia and initially the lot being considered was an internal lot off of 66th Street.

Shane shared his vision and we were off and sketching away. As the design developed, Shane and Nancy located the current lot where the home was ultimately designed and constructed, the beautiful lot on Exeter Boulevard. We then modified the design to take advantage of the views and visibility. With the collaboration of landscape designer, Jeff Berghoff, of Berghoff Design, the dream team was set.


What is so unique about this project was the talent and vision that Shane brought to the project. Acting as client and interior designer, Shane along with Brunkhorst, Berghoff, and myself all collaborated to create and select the elegant and timeless materials and details that are all so masterfully orchestrated to create the composition of this home and landscape. From reclaimed French oak floors, roof tiles sourced and imported from Serbia, reclaimed fireplaces, and beams, this home has a timeless nature that embodies beauty and and virtually brings to life a French fairytale in the heart of Arcadia.


So many people contributed to the creation of this home, from various subs, Murray Herron of Accent Design and Manufacturing and the incredible staircase they constructed, Paul Newman of Premiere Floors, Desert Cove Cabinetry, among many others. A number of beautiful materials came from Exquisite Surfaces of California. So many hours producing the detailed drawings by my Associate, Vivian Ayala. All of the landscape and hardscape designs and details by Jeff Berghoff and Nancie Vollmer of Berghoff Design. Then it all was so impeccably executed by Nancy and her amazing team of Nance Construction - most notably their hand plaster work and trim work.


It’s difficult for me to not imagine Shane not living in this home, who put his heart, soul and vision into it’s creation. When I’m in the home it says Shane to me and I relive all of the moments and design decisions that went into its creation. It’s hard to image someone else now living in this home but I am sure they will love the experience this home delivers. Even just being on the property, not to mention being in the house, transports you to France. It’s magical and the experience changes from day to night and from season to season.


I have been so fortunate to have had the unbelievable opportunity to create many amazing homes. But I would have to say what has been the most rewarding aspect of my job and career has been the wonderful clients I have met and had the privilege to get to know and learn from and in this case I learned so much that I carried forward to so many projects that followed. The friendship with Shane and his partner Raul Siquieros is one I cherish and is definitely the nicest, ongoing outcome of this experience. I’m sure it is bittersweet for Shane to leave but I also know he will soon be looking forward to the next creation! Thanks to you both for allowing us to photograph and film this home before your sale and I welcome the new homeowner’s to the Candelaria Design family.


So enjoy the pictures and videos of this home and stay tuned to our Season 2 and Episode 2 of our show SKETCH on The Design Network where we will feature the creation and story behind this home. Our Season 2 debuts on March 17th and will feature eight episodes all produced by my good friend, Ken “Spanky” Moskowitz and his company Wedgie Creative. What a fantastic job they have done with our show for this season and I cannot wait to show you what they have planned for Season 3 including a whole upcoming series featuring our Candelaria Design Tour Italy!

Thanks for the continued support of our firm and our work! We have the most amazing clients who share our passion for enhancing living! My Candelaria Design Team look forward to a fantastic, creative and productive 2016!