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The Village at Mountain Shadows Takes Shape in PV

Well that was a fast month…I don’t know about you, but January blazed by. Off to February we go! Of course it’s Phoenix Open week and so the weather instantly changes. Remember the fog last year the day of the final round and the Super Bowl!


I hope everyone had a wonderful January and a great weekend. The weather held off just long enough for a fantastic day and weekend. First and foremost, I want to wish my father, Donald Candelaria, a happy 81st birthday! Dad you are the best and I am so glad you are down here in Arizona now and we can watch our Broncos in their 8th Super Bowl together. It would sure be fun to get a victory on the week of your 81st Bday! Carolina will be tough that is for sure.


Meanwhile, today our Candelaria Design Team took part in the Cullum Homes SMART (Special Meetings About Residential Technologies) Party at our newest project The Village at Mountain Shadows in Paradise Valley. It was great to see so many of you, including a number of my current and past clients there today. The models are coming away and over half of the 40 lots and homes are already sold and the two model homes are not even completed yet! Great job by the Cullum Homes Team and the sales team of Scott Griggs and The Grigg’s Group.


It is very rewarding to see this project come out of the ground after all the hard work, especially my Associate, Vivian Ayala, and Interior Designer, Anita Lang, of IMI has put into this project. Not to mention all of the subcontractors and suppliers - many of whom participated in today's event! So much attention was put into modeling the project in 3d to capture the spectacular and ever changing views of Camelback Mountain and the Praying Monk. To now go there and walk the units and virtually relive the views we saw on the computer is very rewarding!


And if the views aren’t enough – the basement option being shown in the two models is off the charts. Nothing like going downstairs and then entering a club room with your sports car collection waiting for you behind a display sheet of glass. When these models are done, complete with the sharp and sophisticated contemporary finishes orchestrated by Anita… well it will be hard to get me out of that basement!


Stay tuned, I know Rod Cullum and the Candelaria Design Team have some more fun events in store for everyone as this project takes further shape and the models get completed.


Have a great week everyone!