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Season 2 of Sketch Premieres May 19th

This Thursday, May 19th, we will premiere Episode 1 of Season 2 of our show SKETCH on The Design Network ! To kick it off we invite you all to a happy hour celebration at our offices starting at 5pm. Please RSVP to Stacey at if you will be stopping by!

We are excited to share our second season with all of you and to be a part of the amazing lineup on The Design Network. Our Season 1 was a big success and with the production team of Ken “Spanky” Moskowitz and his talented team at I think you are going to see how he has taken our show to a higher level.

So what is SKETCH about and why are we doing it? First and foremost, video is such a wonderful medium to share our work. The typical method of capturing a project in a half dozen photos that appear on your website or in a magazine never quite capture all the details, the story, or the team that shares and collaborates in the creation of these homes. I wanted a way to do this to really celebrate these homes and the memories that they capture. As I say over and over, “it’s not just about getting a set of plans.” We are creating your home and the place you experience life virtually every day and night of your life. It is such an honor and responsibility to help create a home that truly embodies a clients’ dreams, wishes, and aspirations for living life as fully as possible. Our show SKETCH will hopefully demonstrate our commitment to that experience.

So in Season 2 we have eight episodes! Our first episode premiering on May 19th will feature a beautiful home currently on the cover ofSouthwest Style Magazine.  I originally designed the Texas Hill Country inspired home in 2006 which was constructed by Schultz Development Group and landscaped by Well one of my clients who we just completed a remodel-renovation in LaJolla, CA purchased the home and the Candelaria-Schultz team gave it a make over. Along with a dinner celebration where I was co-chef at  where we raised $5k for to Chef Marcellino cooking right in the finished home this episode will show you a wonderful makeover of one of my original homes with one of my favorite clients and and the fun we had along the way.


Episode 2 debuting on May 26th will feature probably one of my all-time marquis homes, the French Chateau on Exeter in Arcadia. Built in 2005 by and landscaped impeccably by you will be mesmerized by the footage, including drone footage by Wedgie Creative and the story behind the creation of this home.


Episode 3 debuting on June 2nd, will feature a spectacular hillside European inspired villa we designed in . This home was designed to celebrate the views spanning from 4 peaks and the fountain in Fountain Hills to the Cardinal Stadium in the west. At the same time we were minimizing walls for the views, we needed walls for the beautiful artwork by the client who is an accomplished artist! This home was just completed by and furnished by Paula Den Boer of


Episode 4 debuting on June 9th, while I’m in Italy on our 13th Candelaria Design Tour Italy, will feature a 20,000+ sf Italian Farmhouse estate we completed a couple of years ago in . Inspired from my journeys to Italy this home has a beautiful elegance masterfully choreographed by Interior Designer David Michael Miller, landscaped by, and constructed by .

Episode 5 then moves north for the summer for a three part episode featuring three homes over a span of 12 years I designed in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho! Our first home will debut on June 16th and is in fact the first Candelaria Design Project ever. Started in September 1999 this true log home built by is a special home with a special story for me. Anyone who spends time in Coeur d’Alene knows the magic of the Stancraft Boats and we will feature a ride on one of these floating pieces of art on the water along with a tour of the factory by owner Robb Bloem including John Elway’s boat!

Episode 6 debuting on June 23rd will feature another European inspired home but this time in the mountains overlooking Lake Coeur d’Alene in the beautiful development of This home will tell the story of yet another unique relationship with my clients who actually will be on our June 2016 Candelaria Design Tour Italy trip and will just be returning in time to view this episode.


Episode 7 debuting on June 30th will be the last home in our three piece series of the Candelaria Design homes of Coeur d’Alene. This home is mountain elegance at its finest. On the shores of Hayden Lake this home built by with custom lighting design bymy good friend Walter Spitz at takes living on the lake to a whole new level. We finish this episode with dinner at where I bring all three Coeur d’Alene clients over a span of 12 years together for a fabulous celebration and dinner!


Finally, Episode 8 will debut on July 7th. This episode will recap Season 2 and give you a peek at Season 3!  From blasting away on Camelback Mountain, to making pizzas in a 10,000 sf villa in the middle of a farm field in Yuma,  to going subterranean with the new 35,000 square foot Colten Cowell Crime Fighting Cave we will tease you with some of the spectacular homes and stories that will delight you in Season 3.


Ok – so how is that for Season 2?!?! Catch up on Season 1 right here at . Season 3 is in production along with a series we will film this fall of our 14th Candelaria Design Tour Italy as the crew of Wedgie Creative will follow and film the entire tour from Florence, through Umbria and Tuscany, finishing on Positano and Capri and the Amalfi Coast. Follow our 13th Candelaria Design Tour Italy as we depart on June 1st. More to come on that trip next week! Have a great week everyone and let me know what you think of SKETCH!