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Candelaria Design Tour Italy June 2016 - Day 6 - Assisi

So we made it through our first day in the country, hospital and all! I had all 14 travelers again! We had been going at a pretty good clip and with the excitement and drama of yesterday it was a good opportunity to let my travelers sleep in!


Isabel made a delicious frittata and we enjoyed our coffee and of course the rising fog from the Niccone Valley below.


Isabel and Roberta in 2012 at Cama

Isabel and Roberta in 2012 at Cama

I had two travelers that wanted to go to Deruta to do some ceramic shopping and the rest of us made our way to Assis for the day. Our good friend in Deruta, Roberta Niccacci of the Cama family, whose factory we used to tour many years ago was kind enough to connect my travelers with her family who closed the factory a few years ago but still had a few pieces available.


On the road to Assisi driving through Perugia.

On the road to Assisi driving through Perugia.

About the time we arrived in Assisi my two travelers from Deruta also arrived so I had my entire group together. When we arrive at any town my first step is to point out the rendezvous point for later in the day when we leave. Then I try to keep the blinders on everyone as we make our way through town to the main cathedral of Saint Francis. Get a group photo and then everyone is on their own adventure here in Assisi for the day.


Assisi has a calmness and quiet to it that is hard to explain. It is really a beautiful hill town with very picturesque views to the valley and farmland below. The pink stone is everywhere and that color seems to add to the subconscious calmness.


I brought my family here over the Holidays on a foggy day which was absolutely beautiful and spiritual…not that Assisi needs any help with that! It is quite different to see it both in the winter and summer.

Candelaria's in Assisi during the Christmas Holiday 2015/16


Isabel and I made our way back through town and found a nice spot for lunch and the others did the same. I had the Guinea Hen with grapes in a red wine sauce, and Isabel had the roasted chicken breast with chicory from the owner’s garden – delicious.


We then did a little exploring some of the side streets, popped into some churches to say prayers while enjoying the architecture, did a little shopping and made our way to the rendezvous piazza! Set up my computer, hook into the wifi and get a little work done along with some water and a cappuccino. As I am working I see familiar faces from my trips of now 16 years here…. The same men and women sitting on the same benches likely having the same conversations…..that’s what I love about Italy – it is somewhat of a living time capsule.


Slowly my travelers arrived and we hiked up the hill to the cars and then off to the lake view restaurant in a driving afternoon thunderstorm for a light dinner and home for the evening.