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Scottsdale Charro Ride 2008


Well I completed another Scottsdale Charro Ride. Number three for me and each one gets better. This year it was in the Superstition Mountains. 130+ guys of all ages riding for four days and three nights through the wilderness. Everything from riders with 44 rides under their belt to rookies just going for their first time. It is a great trip and a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the beauty of this amazing state we live in and reflect of all the good things in life.

The Scottsdale Charros are a group of men committed to education and supporting various causes having to do with teaching, scholarships, etc. I’ve included their website so you can read more. They sponsor the Spring Training games each season for the San Francisco Giants at Scottsdale Municipal Stadium. The members consist of everything from dentists, stockbrokers, bankers, contractors, florists, and even cowboys! I am a guest of long time member John Schultz of Schultz Development who has built a number of our homes over the years. I believe this was John’s 12th ride and he was the Trail Boss this year meaning he had to scout the trails for the ride and put it all together. John in my opinion is a real cowboy – the guy can ride and he is big enough that you don’t want to mess with him. It is a real honor to go the last three years.

Over the course of the last three years I have been around these guys when times were great and now when times are lean. And although we all are going through our own unique tribulations the spirit was the same – all a bunch of guys trying to scrape out an existence and do what is right for themselves, their families, and the community. Yes the gambling was down a bit from the good years but the laughter, jokes, and smiles were the same. No one is feeling sorry for themselves and everyone was positive and exploring new ways to market and capture the opportunities out there. That is what makes America great in my opinion.

It is amazing the thoughts that go through your mind when the cell phones and emails are turned off and you are just riding a horse through the quaking aspens or under the shadow of a 500 year old saguaro. You realize what is really important to you – your family, your wife, your employees, your friends, your clients, your home…..the simple things. I don’t think this slow down is all bad – trust me being on this four day ride really showed me that everyone is now seeing what is really important to them and how good we really have it.

See y'all later!