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Closing out 2008

Well this year is finally winding down. What a crazy year......

As I look back at my posts from the summer to where we are now it has only been six months but it feels like we have gone through six years. From oil at $150 a barrel and $4.25 a gallon gas to $35 a barrel and $1.45 a gallon gas.....funny how the math doesn't quite equal out??? A new President, a new direction, not one but two or is it three bailouts...still waiting for mine. Actually, I think I will be responsible for paying for the bailout come April 15th!!! These are definitely crazy times, yet this year was a better year for Candelaria Design than 2007 so who really knows. One thing I do know is really no one does know. From the stucco subcontractor, the Thomas delivery guy to my most wealthiest and astute clients - everyone has been hit by this market and no one has a clue as to where thing are going - NO ONE.

I have learned through the last year what is important though and as I said earlier in the year it is just like sports - the fundamental values will always carry you through. Hard work, working smart, taking care of your friends and neighbors, and appreciating the simple things in life - the real things. I am glad to see people looking at the homes as places to live, and enjoy their families rather than investments and packaged flips. I definitely see my clients and friends thinking of ways to conserve and save and be conscientious of what and how they are spending their money. I see my employees really valuing their jobs and clients and putting forth the extra effort. I see our consultants, vendors, and referrals appreciating our business and giving us better service. So although there is a lot of pain we are all feeling, we are seeing a lot of great things coming out of this and the groundwork being laid for the next cycle.

Hopefully, we all remember these times when the good times return and we keep our values in the right place. I firmly believe that helping others, going the extra mile now, and playing for the marathon and not the sprint will pay big dividends in the future. We have some amazing projects underway and I am very thankful for the wonderful clients, contractors, consultants, subcontractors and most importantly my employees and my family who all make what we do possible. A 40 hour week is unheard of even in this economy. I think we are all working 50-60 hour weeks and darn glad to be doing so! I love designing homes and working hard with a team that is so excited about what we all do and really putting their heart and soul into it. It is rewarding and I know we are creating something that is real and of value.

So I leave 2008 with a lot of memories and lessons learned. I look forward to 2009 knowing where my focus is and spending quality time with my family, friends, associates, and clients. Thanks to all of you for making my life very interesting and fulfilling.