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August 2010 - Making it through the summer!

Wow – the summer is flying by and finally some monsoon rains to stir things up and bring some welcomed moisture to the Valley of endless sun!

We have been all busy at Candelaria Design finishing up some amazing homes and now starting some great new projects that we have picked up over the summer. My staff and team have done a great job and they have all put in a lot of late evenings and weekends to keep things moving! It’s definitely appreciated!

It’s exciting and very interesting to see the dynamics of the market and how things adapt to meet people’s change in tastes, needs, perceptions and of course economics. Of course our industry, real estate, construction and design have been the most affected industry out there with this significant downturn. Architects have one of the highest unemployment rates currently running at 67%. It has been trying on all of us and all of our builders and consultants and its been frankly heart-wrenching to hear the stories and witness first hand some of the hardships and sacrifices people in our industry have been making to get through these tough times. The truth of the matter is we all will get through this – how?… that is the chapter yet to be written. I know we are working as hard as possible to find projects, finish projects, spread the work around, and put people to work and we appreciate the referrals that we receive back from everyone!

Speaking of finding work we definitely are not limiting ourselves to just Phoenix and just houses. We have been blessed to land some great projects in a number of places. Phoenix and Idaho of course, but also Albuquerque, Las Vegas, LaJolla, and Dallas. We are looking at another restaurant project and doing a number of apartment clubhouse and pool area renovation projects which have been a lot of fun! The remodels and guest houses keep coming and we love doing them! Remodels have always made up 65-75% of our workload. I think it is the most green way to go when you can make use of an existing home and save what you can and add with green and energy efficient products and materials.

I have been fortunate to get a little traveling in – mostly for business - this summer including Coeur d’Alene, Idaho; Big Fork, Montana; Austin, Texas; Durango, Colorado; and La Jolla and now I’m in the process of moving my daughter, Tiffany, who graduated cum laude in May from the University of Portland with a Bachelors Degree in Communication. I am very proud of her and I’m excited to have her back in Phoenix! She’ll be looking for a job so any leads – we’ll take em’!

We have recieved some great press this year including a beautiful editorial of one of our homes in Arcadia featured on the cover of the summer issue of LUXE Magazine! Great team effort by Candelaria Design, Schultz Development, Vallone Design and Berghoff Design. Please check it out as it is on the newsstands now! El Chorro still gets its share of press too including a nice write up in Sunset Magazine and nice accolades for the patio and design. I’m looking forward to those nice fall evenings there sharing a glass of wine around the firepit after a little bocce!

The Italy trip is just a month away and we will have 15 travelers joining us on this year’s adventure. We had a wonderful Pre-Trip party at Coup des Tartes a couple weeks ago and everyone had a chance to meet and get the party started. Check out our Facebook fan page for the Italy trip and follow us each day as we make our way through Tuscany, Umbria and Roma! We will be setting the dates for next year’s trip soon and I can tell we have a lot of interest from those who couldn’t make this year’s trip but want to be included in 2011!

Finally, thanks for all the new fans on our Candelaria Design Facebook Fan Page. We just passed 1300 and we are growing our base day by day. We are also on Twitter at CandelariaArchs. We love your support and posts and my Marketing Director, Megan Wahl, is looking forward to adding some great material there over the balance of the year ahead.

It’s back to drawing for me and back to school in ten days for my girls. One graduated from college and the youngest is just starting kindergarten… I’ll be drawing for many, many years to come so stay tuned!