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Italy Trip 2010 Begins!

Well Italy Trip 2010 is upon us. We leave Wednesday morning on our adventure across the pond and arrive in Florence, Italy on Thursday just past noon. We will spend 11 lovely days in Italy starting with a couple days in Florence, then our quaint and charming country houses in Umbria for 6 days and then onto Rome for two more and then back to our lives here in the States. Thanks to all my travelers for signing up this year. We have 14 total so a nice group this year. Also a special thanks to Evelyn and Megan from my office who really put this whole trip together!!! I couldn't do it without you!

I invite you to follow our trip on our blog and on our Candelaria Design Italy Trip 2010 on Facebook over the course of the next two weeks. We will be posting tidbits, photos, videos, recipes, wine recommendations, you name it. It will be a lot of fun and every trip we've done (this is number 8) always is filled with new sites, stories, hundreds of memories and lasting friendships.

I am excited, apprehensive, a bit stressed, well a whole mixture of feelings that changes on the hour. I am excited to see the looks of a number of my travelers who have never been to Italy, many who have never been to Europe the moment we walk down our street to the Hotel Brunelleschi. The sites, sounds and especially smells all overwhelm the senses. I'm always amazed at how vibrant and memorable everyone's dreams become during this trip. Hard to imagine we will all be there in a little over 72 hours!

Well back to work, wrapping up details, trying to hit deadlines, packing, errands......craziness.