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Final Day in Roma - Christmas Holiday 2015

Our final day in Rome was very busy and in total contrast to Christmas Day where we just chilled and really enjoyed the quiet of the day.

We got moving early and we did some walking! From the Colossuem we walked about two miles across the Tiber River to the area of Rome know as Trastevere which is just south of the Vatican. It’s a little rougher neighborhood and I probably wouldn’t want to be walking here at night but it was filled with some great spots to dine and shop. We stumbled upon a wonderful little spot called Cajo & Gajo for a nice late morning bite and of course made some new friends.

We explored the area then found a cab to take us to the exact opposite, the Galleria on the Corso. Wow – talk about elegance! I love this as it reminds me of the Galleria in Milan.

From there we walked towards the Spanish Steps area and the girls were tuckered out. So they grabbed a cab back to the hotel and Isabel and I carried on our adventure.


Within seconds Isabel spotted the Babington Tea Room where the two of us had a romantic and quiet tea, salad, and I indulged with one of the best cheesecakes I have ever eaten. What a lovely spot to spend a little quiet time with my Isabel.




From our lovely Tea we made our way down toward the Piazza del Popolo – ok another great area and spot to explore for sure. On the way we stopped and enjoyed the Hotel De Russie and its beautiful courtyard and terraced gardens. This hotel is most definitely on our radar for our next trip especially given its location.



From the Piazza del Popolo we made our way down the Corso and for a Saturday afternoon and the day after Christmas it was packed. I love just people watching. Especially here in Italy - everyone is so stylish and there is just such an elegance and simultaneous roughness to it all. A beautiful balance of masculinity and femininity. Everyone was strolling and shopping and dining under the beautiful street decorations….. amazing electricity in the air and SO Italy.

Isabel and I did a bit more shopping and the girls were now texting saying they were ready for some action! So Isabel and I were near the Spanish Steps and the girls were at the hotel by the Colosseum. We could either cab to them then cab to the Campo di Fiori where I wanted to dine or we could have them cab over and Isabel and I could walk across Rome and meet them there….of course Isabel and I chose to walk. Trust me, you need to walk every chance you get to burn those Italian dinners off!

We met up with Sophia and Tiffany at the Campo di Fiori a bustling and lively piazza during the day with the farmer’s market and then equally busy in the evening with its robust night life. Bella chose to relax at the hotel, and so it was then trying to find a restaurant that served fresh salmon as that was what Tiffany was craving! Wow what an adventure that became….but we were fortunate to find a restraunteur who could hold his own with my Tiffany! We had a lot of fun with the waiters and met a wonderful lady, Kathleen, a writer from Ireland who was visiting family and friends and literally befriended us – what a wonderful, kind soul she was.

Our time in Rome had come to an end with a nice walk across Rome back to our hotel under the full moon.