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February and its Time to Remodel!

Ok so we are nearly halfway through February – wow the time is flying! I don’t know about you but January flew by and February is shorter and will go faster I’m sure.


This morning I am heading to Old Town Scottsdale to ride in the Parada del Sol Parade along with my fellow Scottsdale Charros. Come on down and support us and enjoy the parade and fantastic weather.


Ok don’t forget to get your tickets for my singing of the National Anthem at Scottsdale Giants Stadium at 1pm March 6th


This afternoon we will stop by and celebrate the two year anniversary of Gigi’s Playhouse and the kickoff of Gigi’s Café and University. Candelaria Design is proud to have offered our services to design the Playhouse and now the Café and University.




It is definitely getting busier out there and has been gaining momentum for some time. The Phoenix Business Journal in their November 30th issue noted that according to Realtor.Com Phoenix, and it’s metro area, will be the fastest growing housing market in the country in 2017 and we believe it.


We love doing these projects although they require a totally different skill set from designing a ground up home. First and foremost is the ability to work with what is there and figure out what how walls are being supported, mechanical systems are being run and then understanding zoning and neighborhood restrictions and codes. Developing a budget for these projects is also a lot more challenging in that many times you can’t just use a cost per square foot rule as you can on a new build. Getting the conceptual design on paper and then getting some initial and early cost estimates can really aid in making decisions before you move forward with engineered drawings and construction documents.


Half of your construction budget is generally composed of the bones or sticks and bricks and the other half are the finishes and goodies of the project. It’s the goodies where most clients blow their budget so it is important to get this initial estimate broken out so you know what comprises your budget. Then use this initial estimate to fine tune your “goodies” budget so you and / or you and your designer can select “goodies” that match your budget.


Of course there are SO many homes that have been built in the 70’s and 80’s here is Phoenix/Scottsdale that simply need to be freshened up. On February 15th from 12:30 to 2:30 PM LUXE magazine will feature an event where I will be on a panel along with Interior Designer, Anita Lange and Architect and fellow ARA member, Dale Gardon whereat we will discuss ways to freshen up Old World Custom Homes. Let’s just say, there are a lot of them out there and it seems the color of choice was “brown”! We have been busy de-browning a lot of houses in the last ten years and many times that is all it takes to give an existing house a simple makeover. Check out this episode of our show SKETCH where that was all we basically did to a home we had designed ten years ago. What a difference!


From the brown trim – casings, crown moulding and baseboards, to the brown doors and brown millwork – lightening these elements up can make all the difference in the world.


Working with our team and a good interior designer and a landscape architect can make all the difference in the world in freshening up a dark Old World, Southwest or Tuscan Style Home. The difference is dramatic. We are happy to come out at no charge and give you a consultation to get your project going! I wonder in ten years if we will be “de-graying” homes????  


Let's Remodel!