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Spring Training Time Is Here!


We are into the heart of the winter season! Spring Training is off and running and the streets and restaurants are filled!


Ok don’t forget to get your tickets for my singing of the National Anthem at Scottsdale Giants Stadium at 1pm March 6th I’m looking forward to singing for the third time. The first time I sang in opera style, the second time I went country, and this time I’m going to give it another spin and style! Let me know if you need any tickets to the Scottsdale Charro Lodge for any of the games! Thanks again to Telluride Natural Stone for having built our Lodge and assembling and disassembling the Lodge every year!!!  



Last Wednesday I was honored to be part of a panel of design, real estate, and construction experts as we spoke on the means and methods for modernizing old world homes. We had an amazing turn out and some interesting statistics were noted by realtor Thomas O’Leary. The Phoenix/Scottsdale market is really undervalued and the number of homes/properties that are in need of remodeling or freshening up is enormous. As we said in our last blog we love remodel / addition projects and we have some amazing projects going.

Then last Thursday we had our September 2016 Tour Italy Post Trip Dinner at the Candelaria Design~IMI Design~Cullum Homes Village of Mountain Shadows. We had a such a great time reuniting with nearly all of our travelers! Seriously, these trips just get better and better and we are exciting to be adding our first Spain trip this coming June and our 15th Tour Italy this coming September finishing in Venice. We do have room for one couple and/or a single for the Spain trip and we have room for two couples for the September Italy trip!


So we do squeeze in some architecture! Here is a peek of what Candelaria Design has under construction!!!


From traditional to contemporary, from Scottsdale to Montauk, Long Island, we have some very cool new builds and remodels underway! Right here in Scottsdale/Phoenix we have some very interesting projects underway. Probably one of our most unique and extreme projects going is the home we have under construction on the south slope of Camelback Mountain! This home is being built by BedBrock Developers with the interiors by EST EST . This home is truly an engineering feat given the home is sighted on a 73% slope. Because Phoenix will only allow a 20% slope driveay the only way we could get to the pad site was to make half of the road a tunnel in order to get more length and height.  Our Candelaria Design Project Architect, Meredith Thomson, has been leading the way in getting this home out of the ground (rock)! If you drive down Camelback Road and look north you can’t help but see it emerging on the mountain.

We have also moved to Phase 2 of our Ranch compound project near Fountain Hills. Fellow Principal, Vivian Ayala and I have been working away on this project for some time. We have completed the horse arena and the connected barn is nearing completion. Next we connect all of this to the main residence which Schultz Development  broke ground on last week.  The main house will then connect to a guest house, which will connect to an indoor pool, 2 lane bowling alley, indoor pistol range, indoor racquetball court, and indoor gym. Oh, and don’t forget the indoor telescope observatory! Interiors are being done my wife, Isabel, and her crew at Earth and Images

Our Village at Mountain Shadows Project is still moving as we have now seen more than half of the available 40 units sold. The development and construction is being orchestrated by Cullum Homes with interiors by Anita Lange of IMI Design Studio Fellow Principal, Vivian Ayala and I have designed 5 models but nearly every sale has customized the plans to their needs and so this has turned out to be so fun and we have enjoyed meeting all of the new residents. Last night the Cullums threw an amazing party celebrating the new beginnings at Mountain Shadows where the new hotel will be opening soon! The 7C’s – caviar, champagne, couture, cars, cigars and car bars! What a great time and what a wonderful project.

We have broken ground on a beautiful mountain home up in the Flagstaff Area of Pine Canyon. The home is being built by Schultz Development with interiors by Kati McPherson of KAM Interiors This is our second home in Pine Canyon and is being quarterbacked by our Project Director, Rob Banach! This will be a beautiful two story mountain lodge with stellar views of the award winning golf course and the San Francisco Peaks of Flagstaff.


Ok that is definitely just a peek of what we have under construction. That doesn’t even scratch the surface of what we have under construction not to mention what is on the boards! Stay tuned for more in the weeks ahead and I’ll be adding some more recipes soon too!